Fishing Trips app: Designed to get you extra fishing trips and new fishing buddies

About the Fishing Trips app

The Fishing Trips app is for people who want to make new friends, for people who get days off when all of their usual fishing mates are stuck at work, for those legends who take people out in their boats, for those who work their asses off to support their families and struggle to make ends meet and can’t afford their own boat, for those travelling who want to wet a line during their trip, for those new to fishing and those legendary experienced fisho’s who are happy to pass on their knowledge.  Simply, it’s for everyone who enjoys fishing.

What those non-fishers don’t realise is that fishing is more than catching fish.  It’s the chance to have a beer with mates. It’s the chance to create stories that will last for a lifetime.  It’s the opportunity to enjoy the simple things in life.

These statements encompass what Fishing Trips is about.  As fishing evolves, one thing remains the same, there is no better feeling than wetting a line with good company. 

How the Fishing Trips app works in 5 simple steps

After downloading the free app and signing up, there are only a few steps before you’ve found your extra fishing trips and your fishing buddy.

  1. Log your fishing trip
  2. See your matches
  3. Choose a match and go fishing
  4. If you don’t get a match immediately your trip remains available for others to join. You’ll get a request to join notification when someone does join.
  5. You can view Fishing Charters that match your search as a backup option

Additional features

The Fishing Trips app has several additional features to make the user experience better.

  • Messages – An in-app messaging service allows users to discuss trip details.
  • Choose your buddy – The app has a double opt in system so you decide who you go fishing with.
  • User rating system – The Fishing Trips rating system ensures users are on their best behaviour and makes it easy for users to identify those that have done the wrong thing on previous trips.
  • Fishing Charter options – Fishing Charters also advertise within the app. This enables users to view charters that match their logged trip as well as search for fishing charters. This provides users a backup option in case they can’t find a trip with a private user.

Our Advantages

  • We’re worldwide
  • User rating system
  • Filters to ensure the correct matches
  • View Fishing Charters in-app that match your search
  • Search for trips that suit you
  • You decide who you go fishing with
  • Get notified when new trips are added
  • Fishing Charters can advertise for free

Download the free Fishing Trips app from the Apple App Store
Download the free Fishing Trips app from the Google Play Store