Kayak Fishing and the Fishing Trips app

We know that having a kayak fishing buddy makes the trip so much better and safer. We also know that even though you might have plenty of buddies, sometimes they just can’t make it or that when you’re travelling you can’t always take your buddies with you.

The Fishing Trips app is designed to make finding a fishing buddy easy. Simply select what day, time and the rough area of where you want to go fishing. You’ll be shown a list of users who match your details. You can join them and use the in-app messaging system to work out the finer trip details. If you don’t get a match immediately your trip stays in the system so others can join it.

Our app’s growing quickly, especially with kayak anglers like you. Our user rating system ensures that those that do the right thing are identified quickly, as are those that do the wrong thing.

Download the app and find your next fishing buddy today.

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