Information for Fishing Charters and Captains

Who are Commercial Operators?

Commercial Operators are Captains, Fishing Charters and any other business that takes recreational fishers on fishing trips.

Why advertise with us?

We’ve removed the marketing funnels

Our users have already decided that they want to go fishing when they sign into the app. They know what type of fishing they want to do and what day they want to go out. They input these details into the app. Here they will be shown both the private users who match their search as well as any charter operators that operate within the app. At this stage private users have passed all marketing funnels and are only one click away from contacting you to book a trip.

They can also search for trips and will see your charter within their search results.

No more burning through cash with paid ads.

When I type Fishing Charter into Google the first result I get is a paid ad for a charter 3,659km from my location (honestly) and the second is in my local area. If the location wasn’t in the charter name I would have clicked on it only to find out where it was. Money spent by the charter on a wasted click. With both ads on display I don’t know if they offer the type of fishing I want to do, so I have to click on them to find out they aren’t. Again driving up cost per aquisition amount on their Google ad search.

When you advertise with us you log your ad by location, and fishing type. What this means is that users looking for trips will see their exact match in a charter.

Our userbase is continuing to grow!

Our userbase is growing every day with over 1,000 trips logged by people who are looking for someone to take them fishing. That’s 1,000 potential charter trips.

Advertising costs

You can advertise for free on the app. Just as important as getting you customers, is getting our users trips. Another important point, we don’t charge commission.

We have a freemium structure in place. This means that there are additional marketing teirs available. These tiers offer additional room for details and pictures within the adds. The exact price changes between currencies and countries as decided within the app stores. However to provide a rough price guide, the free tier is free, the Basic tier is around $5USD and The Premium tier is around $9USD per month.

Tier options

Advertising pictures1515
Pricing details on adNoGuideDetailed
Link to your websiteYesYesYes
Ranking in search resultsBottomMiddleTop
Free text box for additional trip detailsNoNoYes

You get paid directly

Within your ads, users can choose to message you directly on the app or visit your website. This means that you decide payment methods and they are made directly to you. No booking fees from us or waiting 30 days to get paid. You work out your preferred payment method with your clients.

Future updates

The commercial side of our app has more updates to come to ensure that we meet your needs. We missed the mark initially with the commercial side which is why we have gone back to basics with the “set and forget” model currently available. We plan to continue to innovate and make it easier for our commercial users.

If you would like to have input into future updates please provide your e-mail adress below and we’ll include you in future discussions. With your input we can make this is an app that suits you.

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