Welcome to Fishing Trips

Our mission is simple. We want to help our community get more fishing trips and make new friends in the process.

Missing trips because you have no one to go with is a thing of the past. Use the app to log details of the trip you want to take along with the date. Check the list of matches and find someone to go fishing with. It’s that easy!

The app is designed to cover all types of fishing, including spearfishers, bowfishers, noodlers and ice fishers, and users including:

  • Boat owners who want to take someone fishing
  • Users who want to go out in someone else’s boat
  • and users who want to go land based fishing together

Fishing Charters advertise within the app. This allows our users to check for charter fishing trips if they cannot find a trip with another private user.

Download the Fishing Trips app from the Apple App Store
Download the Fishing Trips app from the Google Play Store